Why Canada is not a Country and the True Nature of the Courts

This article examines the legitimacy of Canada being a real country and exposing that the Government of Canada is a de facto one. Further examines the courts of Canada and shows what they are doing in tricking Canadians into thinking that they have jurisdiction over the people, when in fact they don't. Canada is nothing more than an extortion racket for the British Crown and International Bankers in London.

Why Canada is not a Country and the True Nature of the Courts Under international Law, the Law of Nations, Confederation never happened as per section 1. Further Confederation was not done by the People of Canada but by a Minister of the U.K. Parliament. None of the Quebec Conference Resolutions of 1864 were ever put into the BNA Act. The BNA Act is nothing more than a simple policy manual for private corporation called Canada of which no one is a resident of. Section 2 and 9 of the BNA Act confirm that executive power is vested in the Queen and to her hiers and successors. However the extension part listed in section 2 was repealed in 1893 thus the British Monarchy lost all executive Power in Canada after Queen Victoria died in 1901. All Constitutional documents make reference only to Persons or variations there of which are corporate entities not flesh and blood real men and women. Statute of Westminster 1931 revoked all powers of the U.K. Parliament to have any authority over Canada. Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms only applies to Government not to people as per section 32 of the Charter. Further Section 52 states that the Charter is supreme law in Canada and all laws must be compared against it. Canada is a corporate entity and even under the Law of Nations it would still be unlawful because the Law of Nations makes reference to Persons that form a country not Human Beings or rather Living Free Will Full Liability Men and Women. International Law is based on Roman Civil Law and Admiralty Law which is corporate law and only deals with persons. Men and women's rights come from God and not from Man. The use of the STRAWMAN corporate name on all tax documents is used as a way of deceit for making people think that the all caps name is really them, when it is an insolvent slave created by the Government with no contract to the living or contract with the strawman or authority to impose any form of law what so ever. There is no Queen of England etc, as Elizabeth Windsor has allowed her name to be corrupted into an all caps strawman name, HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II, which is a corporate entity and not a living Women. Further Elizabeth Windsor in her Coronation Oath stated that she would do her upmost to uphold the Laws of God. Hiding behind a corporate entity makes her feel she is not responsible for the failures of an imaginary QUEEN and thus reaps the benefits from the massive Usury and extortion Rackets involved. She is nothing more than a common theif and criminal. The courts are contract courts only and as sovereigns we have the right to contract or not to contract with the courts. You show up in court you are indicating you are willing to contract. If you are forcibly put before the court no contract is lawfully enforceable as the use of force to make a contract is of no value and is void. If anyone has any authority in Canada to make laws and enforce them on the living free will full liability men and women then I haven't seen it. Canada is only in the imagination and the ship called the Crown represented in the Courts as the Judge sits on the Bridge deck and you cross the bar to speak with him entering into his Jurisdiction of the imaginary world called Canada is unfortunate. Lawyers are officers of the ship called the Crown and do not represent the people they are purporting to protect but rather their Banker Masters in London who own the Bar Association. Further many Lawyers, Judges and Politicians are Masons and of the Jewish Faith and may partake in the Kol Nidre which disavows them of all their Oaths of Office not to mention those who partake in the sacrificial ritual in Bohemian Grove California called the Cremation of Care, where a sacraficed child is burned inside a 40 foot stone Owl called Molech, which is mentioned in the Bible and goes back to Ancient Babylon. Another thing they fail to mention to you is that all modern commercial law is based on the Talmud which goes back to Ancient Babylon and is based on Master/Slave relations and how living people are to be treated as things rather than living people creations of God. It is sick beyond belief what is in this Talmud, my opinion. God created the Earth and Heaven and everything that exists as per Genesis 1 and John 1:3. God never made any laws and there are references in the Bible that Man shall not make laws or ought not make laws. In Matthew 22 the two commandments that Jesus gave the Pharisees and Sadducees are paramount as it states that all laws must be based on these two commandments. What they have gone and done is to create an imaginary world under Roman Civil Law using the Ship called the Crown as their imaginary ship and apply law only against corporate entities and trick real God created men and women into becoming sureties for the slave STRAWMAN all cap name. Thus washing themselves of all sin against God? It all comes down to a few ruling elite families and the Illuminati of which if David Icke is correct in his lecture on the Illuminati are not even human beings, but rather Reptilian hybrids called the Nephelium as described in the Bible and on Clay Tablets in Iraq which was once Sumeria (Babylon). They are in a war against God and we are made after his image so they are at war with us and this is only one battle in which the few have deceived us into. You can download David Icke's Lecture here: http://freedomfiles.org/davidtv/lecture/ For more information on what I have said here goto: http://www.freedomfiles.org/law/law.html Information on Bohemian Grove go here: http://www.infowars.com/bg1.html By Rob Hay www.freedomfiles.org

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The Dillusions of Ernest Zundel

Liquid Jesus 11.Feb.2005 19:57

It's insane to think that those who preach peace, tolerence, acceptance and sustainability would be interested in the dillusion of Ernest Zundel. While thte vilification of the Canadian government is completely justifified, any association with Zundel and the peace/anti-war/equality movement is an absolute farce.

Zundel is a hate-monger, and as such has no place in Canada. I don't shed any tears for the plight of a man who denies the holocaust!

Indymedia is dirty fascist site

antifa 12.Jun.2005 13:02

The article above is just yet one evidence that 'independent' media has been a real Nazi-media center.
Fuck off fascist David Icke and his illuminati-paranoia
fuck off fascist Ernest Zundel
fuck off nazi-media