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Title Public Lands and the Elliott Forest - Update and Next Steps
Description Public lands are under attack all across the west, but perhaps one of the greatest threats to public ownership is right here in Oregon. The State Land Board appears to be moving closer to privatizing the Elliott State Forest, which means advocates of public lands need to get organized! Come learn about the wide array of threats to public lands and what we can do to help save the Elliott State Forest:
<br />
<br />Monthly Wild Ones Meeting
<br />&quot;Public Lands and the Elliott&quot;
<br />6:30pm - 8:30pm, April 11, 2017
<br />
<br />Base Camp Brewing (930 SE Oak St, Portland)
<br />RSVP HERE: <img src="/img/extlink.gif" border="0"/>&#160;<a href=""></a>
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