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Title Code Pink Portland Peace Calendar PDX. July - August
Description Upcoming Events in Portland Oregon - July and August 2015.
<br />This (email) list is for women in Portland Oregon to organize Code Pink gatherings in favor of peace and justice. The (email) list is moderated, and is limited to actions directly involving Code Pink Portland.
<br />
<br />Code Pink Portland Peace
<br />Calendar for the Week of
<br />July 25th 2015
<br />
<br />---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
<br />
<br />In this digest
<br />Upcoming Events-
<br />
<br />July 25th Peace Park Cleanup 9:30am
<br />July 25th VFP Summertime Garden Party with David Rovics 2pm
<br />July 26th Jobs More Justice Performing 10am
<br />July 27th HCAO Forum: Universal Health Care, Why Oregon Won't Be First 6pm
<br />July 28th NW Interfaith Peace Walkers 9am
<br />July 30th Medicare 50th Anniversary Rally Noon
<br />August 2nd 5th Annual Arab Festival
<br />August 2nd Willamette River Revival Festival
<br />August 5th This War We Are Living 1pm Film
<br />August 6th Hiroshima/Nagasaki Vigil 6pm
<br />August 7 Iraq War III One Year Later March and Rally 5pm
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