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Title Police Accountability Discussions - Portland Public Invited to Share on July 29th
Description July 29th *today the "Independent" Police Review Division will hold its third community outreach meeting to hear from the public what kind of oversight system YOU would like to see in Portland. This time it will be at the Q Center in N Portland at 5:30 PM
<br />
<br />City Auditor's Independent Police Review
<br />Information and Community Engagement Session
<br />Wednesday, July 29, 2015
<br />5:30pm - 7:30pm
<br />Q Center
<br />4115 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97217
<br />
<br />Copwatch [June Meeting] Analysis
<br />
<br />The June meeting wasn't as well attended as the May one, and the IPR and
<br />CRC took way too much of the time explaining how the &quot;Byzantine&quot; system
<br />works. The professional facilitator they hired ended up cutting off one
<br />person who was trying to tell her story. I expect this time will be better
<br />organized as a result.
<br />
<br />Here again are some suggestions we (Portland Copwatch) put out before; lots more ideas can be
<br />found in the Stakeholders report from 2010 and the original Mayor's Work
<br />Group report from 2000 (which led to IPR being created)[...]
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