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Title October 20th Anti-Austerity Demonstration
Description <p>Saturday’s October 20th &quot;March for a future that works&quot; demonstration organised by the TUC saw over 150,000 out on the streets of London to protest the government's cuts and austerity measures. It's been almost a year since the TUC leadership tried to look like they were actively opposing the cuts and well over a year since the last big demo. The organisers sent out a somewhat mixed message by first calling for a general strike but then allowing Ed Miliband a platform to announce he'll carry on cutting where the Tories leave off if elected.</p><p>The demonstration also saw hundreds of black bloc and Boycott Workfare activists target Oxford Street stores that use workfare and tax avoidance, whilst DPAC activists successfully blockaded Park Lane.</p><p><b>On the Newswire:</b> <a href="">October 20: The view from Oxford Circus</a> | <a href="">#Oct20 150,000 on TUC demo PHOTOS</a> | <a href="">unions cuts march and london anti-workfare actions - pics &amp; report</a> | <a href="">Oct20: we got work to do ...</a> | <a href="">March For A Future That Works</a></p><p><b>Previous Features:</b> <a href="">SchNEWS: One Strike and You're Out?</a> | <a href="">&quot;You Can Shove Your Rubber Bullets Up Your Arse!&quot;: 'Total Policing' of N9 Demos</a> | <a href="">Anti-cuts protesters take over London</a> | <a href="">March 26th - All out against the cuts</a></p>
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