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Title NO Tav: Protests continuing against high speed train
Subtitle <a href="">Italy</a>: No Tav protests
Description <p>
Thousands of people marched in the street in Italy on 18 february 2012, protesting against the <a href="">arrest of 26 people</a> who participated in the big demostrantions held in <a href="">june and july</a> against Tav project, the high speed train from Turin to Lion, which will cross Val Susa, Italy. <a href="">No Tav</a> has been protesting since 2003 against a train line which will cost a lot, is an environmental disaster, and is not useful because other lines are available, and only bolsters the
builders business.
Far from being a 'Not In My Backyard' (NIMBY) protest, Val di Susa invloves young, old people, families, even the mayors of the surrounding towns. And is shared by many people all over Italy. On 3rd july 60 thousand people, coming
from all over Italy, marched to prevent the start of works and hinder the european founding previewed for the first tunnel.
On 25th February there will be a <a href="">national demonstration</a> in Bussoleno, Val Susa, Italy.
<b>More Information: <a href="">No Tav</a> | <a href="">Italia Indymedia</a></b>
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