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Title Iran: US military provocations; the Threat of War Becomes Tangible
Description A new unprovoked military move by the US and its imperialist allies against Iran has escalated tension in the region and has brought us much closer the possibility of war than ever before.<br><br>

A US armada of military ships and submarines has recently entered the Persian Gulf with the clear intent to disrupt the present global and regional military and diplomatic equilibrium [1]; the dynamic was already very unsteady — and this move is obviously NOT a step toward Peace. The insertion of these tremendous military forces has sent Iran into a state of emergency and activated its shoreline artillery and missile radar defenses.<br><br>

<strong>Full Article by Cyprus Indymedia:</strong> <a href="">Realities about Iran; the Empire Threatens War</a> | <strong>Related from Philly IMC:</strong> <a href="">So, how’s the anti-war movement doing?</a><br><br>

Several actions around the world opposed this threat by the US government to support the Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (<a href="">CASMII</a>): <a href="">Washington, DC</a> | <a href="">New York City, NY</a> | <a href="">Boston, MA</a> | <a href="">Rogue Valley, OR</a> | <a href="">Portland, OR</a>
Article Text Military contacts in communication with the Cyprus IndyMedia Collective
estimate that the firepower of the US armada (which includes craft from
the United Kingdom and France) is larger than the air force and navy of
Iran, combined. The original source of this evaluation is a very high
ranking officer; it was confirmed by a general. This evaluation, even if
it's only an approximate and not an absolute truth, shows that the
intentions of the US for the Middle East are in total violation of the
sentiments and true needs of the area's millions of people who want
Peace and Justice, above all, and an end to foreign intervention in
their affairs.<br><br>

Otherwise, if the US wants Peace, why would it amass enough force to
obliterate the defenses of an independent and sovereign country that has
not invaded any of its neighbors for more than a hundred years?<br><br>

As independent journalists and world citizens we are very concerned
about the situation. Please read an article composed by the Cyprus
IndyMedia Collective that explores the pretexts that are being used to
justify war against Iran; President Obama's role, Iran's nuclear
industry; ecological concerns and issues of democracy and equality
within Iran; and pending issues for the Peace movement in the US and
Western Europe:<br>
<strong>"Realities about Iran; the Empire Threatens War"</strong><br>
<blockquote><a href=""></a></blockquote><br><br>

The people and of the Middle East are preparing for another round of
needless slaughter and more bloodbaths following the recent invasions of
Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza and the almost daily US bombings of
Pakistan. This inevitably entails the strengthening of the regional
forces of popular resistance in the Middle East, since the formally
constituted governments of the region are doing very little to repel the
US military provocations against Iran. We recognize that this point, the
only way to prevent a new war is to strengthen both the local and global
efforts of the Peace movement, with a special attention to the duties of
the Peace movement within the US and Western Europe.<br><br>



[1] <strong>Image:</strong> The <a href="">map of the forces</a> was prepared by the US Pentagon and by the UK Ministry of Defense in the <span class="caps">BBC</span> propaganda report <em><a href="">EU Iran sanctions: Ministers adopt Iran oil imports ban</a></em>.)
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