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Title Sheffield Occupied!
Description <p>On 5th November a <a href="">Occupy Sheffield</a> camp was established outside <a href="">Sheffield Cathedral (map)</a>. After discussing where to camp at a meeting on the steps of the City Hall it was agreed to <a href="/en/regions/sheffield/2011/11/488040.html">set up camp at the Cathedral</a>. Posters and <a href="">flyers you can print</a>, to spread the word, have been produced by the <a href="">Sheffield Equality Group</a>.</p><p>Following on from the start of <a href="">Occupy Wall Street</a> on 17th September 2001 there is now a <a href="">global occupation movement</a> and a growing number of <a href="">occupations in the UK</a>.</p><p>Occupy Sheffield has <a href="">a web site</a>, a <a href="">StatusNet account</a>, a <a href="">Twitter account</a>, a presence <a href="">on Facebook</a>, an <a href="">email list</a> and <a href="">a wiki</a> with a <a href="">Wishlist for the camp</a>.</p><p><strong>Newswire: <a href="/en/regions/sheffield/2011/11/488040.html">Sheffield Occupied!</a></strong></p><p><strong>UK Occupations: Bath | <a href="">Birmingham</a> | <a href="">Bournemouth</a> | <a href="">Bradford</a> | <a href="">Brighton</a> | <a href="">Bristol</a> | <a href="">Cardiff</a> | <a href="">Edinburgh</a> | <a href="">Glasgow</a> | <a href="">Leeds</a> | <a href="">London Finsbury Square</a> | <a href="">London Stock Exchange</a> | <a href="">Newcastle</a> | <a href="">Norwich</a> | <a href="">Nottingham</a></strong></p>
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