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Title Travellers Resist Biggest Eviction Of The Homeless
Description <p>They are the most politically marginalized people in this country and across Europe; marginalized in the UK in every other way too, having no legal place to live, unable to send children to school because police move-ons, and even refused service in pubs and restuarants.</p><p>But Travellers today are standing up for themselves and nowhere more so than at <a href="">Dale Farm</a>, in Essex. Here a hundred families have been under siege for ten years, refused planning consent to live on their own land; though it's only an old scrap-yard converted into a mobile-home park.</p><p>Dale Farm Travellers are making a final stand against what they see as an act of ethnic-cleansing equal in its brutality to the clearances of Roma camps in Italy and France. They are asking for your help.</p><p><strong>Newswire Links:</strong><br/><a href="/en/2011/01/472324.html">Defend Dale Farm! Help resist Ethnic Cleansing</a> | <a href="/en/2011/01/471538.html">Defence Planing</a> | <a href="/en/2010/08/457511.html">Imminent Eviction</a> | <a href="/en/2009/11/441945.html">Constant & Co. to make £2m</a> | <a href="/en/2010/09/458325.html">Evictions of traveler families at Hovefields site</a></p><p><strong>External Links:</strong><br/><a href="">Dale Farm Blog</a> | <a href="">Essex University Human Rights Clinic</a></p>
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