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Title DC Council Votes for Medical Marijuana With Limits
Description May 4, 1020: Twelve years after 69 percent of DCvoters passed a medical marijuana initiative, the City Council took its second vote on a bill that will regulate and enact Initiative 59, the Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Treatment Initiative. The Council rejected several amendments including explicit civil protections re employment, housing etc. An amendment for distribution centers to be operated on a nonprofit basis was also rejected. A final vote, is still expected before the bill is sent to the Mayor. A provision of the bill allows the Mayor discretion to increase the amount from 2 to 4 ounces. A provision that would allow patients to cultivate their own was rejected.

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MD April 2010: A bill to legalize medical marijuana did not make it through the last MD state legislature. "There were 22,042 arrests for marijuana possession in Maryland in 2007, and 2,668 arrests for marijuana sales." <a href="">Marijuana in Maryland</a> (pdf)
<a href="">False Positive Drug Tests Exposed</a> || <a href="">Crime lab fallout: Drug defendants go free</a>
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