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Title Mayday Roundup
Description <p>With the national elections less than a week away, Mayday celebrations to remember the <a href="">Haymarket massacre</a> of 1887 (and in support of worker's movements internationally) took place in many towns and cities across the UK. Despite that fact that the authorities had banned the planned march in <a href="/en/2010/05/450362.html">Coventry</a>, a spontaneous event took place marching from the Council House to Millenium Square, with a No Borders slogan reading 'Asylum is not a crime' at the head of the procession. In Nottingham, hundreds joined a procession which managed to overcome the <a href="/en/2010/05/450274.html">City Council’s bureaucratic machinery</a>. Several hundred people joined a march in <a href="/en/2010/05/450378.html">Chesterfield</a> and 400 braved the rain for Dublin's march which ended with a <a href="/en/2010/05/450347.html">speech by Arthur Scargill</a>. In <a href="">Bradford</a> people gathered on Infirmary Fields and in <a href="/en/2010/05/450343.html">Manchester</a> up to 200 joined a march, and enjoyed a firework display, and in <a href="/en//2010/05/450249.html">Edinburgh</a> about 100 joined a rally at West Princes Street Gardens.</p><p>In London, trade unionists and <a href="">Communists</a> marched from Clerkenwell Green to a rally in Trafalger Square. The four horsemen of the apopcalypse, last seen out at the <a href="/en/2009/03/424655.html">G20 protests</a> last year, were central to the <a href="/en/2010/04/448852.html">'Election meltdown'</a> which saw effigies of party leaders dragged from their party HQs to Parliament Square for public execution, before an estimated crowd of 500. While some stayed to set up a <a href="/en/2010/05/450437.html">Demockracy village</a> in the square, many others were led to a tunnel by the samba band, for a <a href="">Rave Against the Machine.</a></p><p><strong>Links:</strong> <a href="">Northern Mayday Roundup</a> | <a href="/en/2010/05/450378.html">Chesterfield</a> | <a href="/en/2010/05/450362.html">Coventry</a> | <a href="/en/2010/05/450347.html">Dublin</a> | <a href="/en/2010/05/450249.html">Edinburgh</a> | <a href="">London</a> | <a href="/en/2010/05/450343.html">Manchester</a> | <a href="/en/2010/05/450274.html">Nottingham</a></p>
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