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Title The New York Anarchist Film Festival
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Call For Entries and Audience <br/><br/>The New York Anarchist Film Festival is still accepting submissions. We are seeking short films and movies from your local projects, actions and movements. The shorter the better. Rebellious, strong, insurrectionary and diverse. Subversive, political and cultural content. Send shorts about the creation of autonomous non-hierarchical communities. Send us a 30 second greetings from your collective, squat, or project. <br/><br/>Due date for submissions is April 10th, 2010 <br/><br/>To submit your films, email us links to your video. We can grab stuff off youtube, indybay, or pretty much any video sharing site. If the video is not online, you can email us a copy through a file sending service like yousend it. <br/><br/>In case you have a very large file or would prefer to send us video in physical format,emails for upload instructions or snailmail address. <br/><br/>Email submissions email <br/><br/>4th Annual <br/>NY ANARCHIST FILM FESTIVAL <br/>in honor of Brad Will <br/>16 April 2010 <br/>Judson Memorial Church, <br/>55 Washington square, NYC <br/><br/>Part 1 <br/><br/>A visual environment of 6 cinema screens <br/>and a series of film screenings <br/>featuring the documents of social struggle <br/>and creation of communities from around the world. <br/><br/>Part 2 <br/><br/>ARMED WORDS <br/>anarchist poetry &amp; communiqués evening <br/><br/>Words by <br/>Void Network, Invisible Committee, Alfredo M. Bonanno, Crimethinc, Phoenix Class War Council, Sissy Doutsiou, Tasos Sagris, Raman, Peter Gelderloos, Priya Reddy, Calamity Barucha, Georgia Sagri, The Institute for Experimental Freedom, Jack, Cassidy Pearse-Norflock <br/><br/>Sound [Live mix d.j. improvisations] by Crystal Zero, Sissy Stardust <br/><br/>Simultaneous Visuals on 6 screens by Void Network [Void Optical Art Laboratory], WarCryCinema, Brandon Jourdan, David Ramirez, Georgia Sagri, Big Noise Collective, Glass Bead Collective, Party Imaginaire <br/><br/>Exact timetable, more parallel actions and participations to be announced soon <br/>in <br/><br/><img border="0" src="/img/extlink.gif"/> <a href=""></a> <br/><br/>Here is the video link of the trailer of NY Anarchist Film Festival 2010. <br/><br/><img border="0" src="/img/extlink.gif"/> <a href=""></a> <br/>
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