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Title Dooda Desert Rock events
Description The community of Chaco Rio in the Navajo Nation (SW of Farmington, New Mexico) has been blockading entry to the site of a proposed 1,500 megawatt coal fired power plant since December of 2006. Desert Rock would be the third coal plant within a 20-mile radius in a region already suffering from extreme levels of toxic emissions.
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<br />As part of a west coast speaking tour, Elouise Brown, Dine (Navajo) traditionalist and president of the Dooda Desert Rock committee, will speak about dangers posed by the coal industry, the exploitation of indigenous land by energy companies, and the ongoing struggle to prevent the Desert Rock plant from ever existing.
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<br />WED 4/7 4:30 PM NAYA - 5135 NE Columbia Blvd.
<br />WED 4/7 7:00 PM Red &amp; Black Cafe - 400 SE 12th
<br />THU 4/8 6:00 PM Reed College, Vollum Center - 3203 SE Woodstock
<br />FRI 4/9 6:00 PM KBOO - 90.7 FM
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<br />homepage: <img src="/img/extlink.gif" border="0"/>&#160;<a href=""></a>
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