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Title Portland Queers Take To The Streets Against Police
Description <p><font size="2">Dirty anarchists queers of Portland, OR, alongside other anarchists, have spent the last two nights in the streets exploring the rupture caused by the second murder by the Portland Police in as many months. We have been engaged in direct confrontation with the force of the police state while sharing our rage at our social conditions and the organized campaign of violence enacted upon our city by the armed enforcers of the Totality.</font></p><p><a href=""><font size="2"><font color="#008000">Read More >>></font></font></a></p><h1 class="articletitle"><font size="4">A Clarification on "Cascadia Convergence Networks March" post on the update wire</font></h1><p><font size="2">CCN takes no ownership over the march or anyother actions or decisons of the individuals at the peoples assemblys called in response to the second murder in 2 months by the Portland Police Department. The decision to march was arrived at by the peoples assembly earlier today and not CCN. In our comunique we intened to get the word out about the peoples assembly and regret the mis-communication that we possibly had ownership of the peoples decision to march. Again this was not our march rather it was a response to the recent waves of police violence community members who participated in the assembly felt was necessary.</font></p><p><a href=""><font size="2"><font color="#008000">Read More >>></font></font></a></p><p><a href=""><img height="134" width="200" alt="alt" src=""></a></p><h1 class="articletitle"><font size="4">I-5 Banner Drop- "Police Murder Again. This Must End. Take Action!"</font></h1><p class="articletitle"><a href=""><font size="2" color="#008000">Read More >>></font></a></p><p align="left"><font size="2">Related Articles</font></p><h1 align="left" class="articletitle"><a href=""><font size="2">the great thing about corporate media employees using twitter</font></a></h1><h1 align="left" class="articletitle"><a href=""><font size="2">Portland Police shooting: learn from Oakland's mistakes and sucesses</font></a></h1><h1 align="left" class="articletitle"><a href=""><font size="2">Taking the streets back.</font></a></h1>
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