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Title Direct Action To Remember Barry Horne
Description <p><a href="">Barry Horne</a> was an animal liberationist who died in a UK prison hospital on November 5th 2001. He had been sentenced to 18 years in prison for a campaign of economic sabotage, carrying out criminal damage and arson attacks against companies involved in the vivisection, leather and fur industries. His actions were <a href="">allegedly claimed</a> in the name of the <a href="">Animal Liberation Front (ALF)</a> and sometimes the <a href="">Animal Rights Militia (ARM)</a>, <a href="">taking place</a> in Bristol and the Isle of Wight</p><p>In prison he went on <a href="">hunger strike</a> several times in protest against government support for the vivisection industry, and their broken pre-election promises about animal experiments. The third of these hunger strikes lasted 68 days, and Barry never fully recovered. From this protest he generated worldwide publicity, and initiated a huge <a href="">uprising of animal liberation activity</a>, the effects of which are still being felt even today - eight years since his death.</p><p>His memory has been remembered every November, for being an inspiration to the movement and giving his life to animal liberation. This year actions have been dedicated to Barry from as far afield as Latin America, with dozens of deer <a href="/en/2009/11/441083.html">returned to freedom</a> by the ALF in Spain, 17 rabbits <a href="/en/2009/11/441464.html">freed from a university</a> in Uruguay (<strong><a href="/media/2009/11//441469.flv">Video</a></strong>), <a href="/en/2009/11/441464.html">four sheep rescued</a> from a farm by the Igualdad Animal's Open Rescue Team in Spain (<strong><a href="">Pictures</a></strong>) and a <a href="/en/2009/11/441464.html">Max & Co fur shop</a> and <a href="/en/2009/11/441651.html">leather shop</a> painted red by the ALF in Italy and Chile. The Mexican ALF also <a href="/en/2009/11/441651.html">rescued four ducks and two hens</a> from a breeding farm (<strong><a href="">Pictures</a></strong>) and <a href="/en/2009/11/441651.html">caused dirsruption to Novartis with a bomb hoax</a> in the capital for Barry. There was also a <a href="">protest outside HLS</a> in rememberance of Barry in Occold, Suffolk by <a href="">SHAC</a> campaigners.</p><p><strong>Related Articles:</strong> <a href="/en/2009/11/441547.html">Fitwatch Press Release on AR raids</a> | <a href="/en/2009/11/441284.html">New Animal Liberation Prisoner (Europe)</a> | <a href="/en/2009/10/439980.html">Corporate Watch on Sean Kirtley's Release</a> | <a href="/en/2008/12/416034.html">Fight Speciesism! #7 - In memory of Barry Horne</a> | <strong>Mexico:</strong> <a href="/en/2009/11/441285.html">Alleged ELF Anarchist Arrested</a> | <a href="">Butane is in the eye of the bomb-holder</a> | <a href="">Wave of Anarchist Bombings</a> | <a href="">Emergence of an Unexpected Threat</a></p><p><strong>Links:</strong> <a href="">Bary Horne Memorial</a> | <a href="">Remember Barry</a> | <a href="">Barry Horne: ALF Tribute</a> | <a href="">Bite Back Magazine</a></p>
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