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Title Maine Voters Reject Same Sex Marriage; Rochester Activists Demonstrate
Description Protesters chanting “Hey Obama let mama marry mama” and “LGBT we demand equality” gathered in front of the Federal Building on November 4 to condemn actions in the nearby state of Maine. Earlier in the year, courts in Maine determined that marriage was a civil right under the state's constitution and extended that right to all couples. Those rights were then taken away by a close ballot referendum on November 3. The protest was organized by the Civil Rights Front and participants included the Gay Alliance, Pride At Work, International Socialist Organization and Students For A Democratic Society. <b>Read more; <a href="">click here!</a> <br />
<br />
</b> <b>Video</b>: From the Maine Video Activists Network: <a href="">Gay Marriage and Petitioning</a> <br />
<br />
<b>Additional Information</b>: Chicago IMC: <a href="">Maine: Analyzing Failure #31</a> | Seattle IMC: <a href="">November 14th: Victory! Approve 71 Thank-You Rally</a>
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