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Title PCJF wins settlement for 2002 Illegal Arrest and FBI Interrogation of Activists
Description Peaceful protestors targeted for wearing black

The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF) is pleased to announce a victorious settlement on behalf of eight people who were illegally arrested following April 20, 2002 lawful anti-war and IMF/World Bank protests. In this landmark case, the arrestees, who were never prosecuted for the false arrests, were politically targeted by law enforcement, in part based on the black clothing that some were wearing. Following their arrests, they were interrogated about their political beliefs by a secret intelligence unit of the FBI. The case, which has been litigated for six years by attorneys at the PCJF, was about to go to trial.

The case of Bolger, et al. v. District of Columbia, et al. Civil Action 03-0963, United States Court for the District of Columbia, has been settled for $450,000 and changes in police procedures and policies.

<a href="">D.C. to pay $450,000 to war protesters over 2002 interrogation</a>
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