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Title August 31st: Foreclosure Meeting (Olympia)
Description The Industrial Workers of the World in Olympia and Common Action have
<br />agreed to set up a discussion open to any and all interested in
<br />mounting some form of foreclosure resistance, or at least assistance
<br />to those most affected by the crisis locally. This will be an open
<br />meeting and an open discussion.
<br />
<br />When: Monday, August 31st, 7:00pm
<br />Where: Mixx 96 Radio Station, 119 NE Washington St. (Olympia)
Article Text

As unemployment rates rise in this country, the foreclosure crisis
<br />becomes deeper and more widespread. As more and more people become
<br />unemployed, more people face a possible foreclosure on their homes.
<br />Subprime mortgages were one of the first major causes of the
<br />foreclosure crisis (and continue to be), but unemployment is pushing
<br />more people to the edge of any sense of security. Jobs are being lost.
<br />Homes are being lost. There is no end in sight.
<br />
<br />But whenever there is crisis, there is fertile ground for resistance,
<br />for people to take control of their lives and fight for what they want
<br />and what they need – in the case of the foreclosure crisis, a place to
<br />call home. People in Olympia and surrounding communities have also
<br />been affected by the foreclosure crisis but there have not been any
<br />serious attempts to fight back.
<br />
<br />Recently, a worker at a lumber mill in Shelton was discussing the fact
<br />that six of his neighbors had their homes snatched away from them by
<br />the jaws of foreclosure. He was then told of the “penny auctions” in
<br />the 1930s that forced dozens of states to place a moratorium on
<br />foreclosures because of a mass movement rooted in direct action, self
<br />organization and defense tipped the situation to favor those who lost
<br />their homes or farms. His reply to this historical insight was: “We
<br />need that here!”
<br />
<br />Please contact <img src="/img/maillink.gif" border="0"/>&#160;<a href=""></a> if you have any questions.
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