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Title Israeli Navy seizes humanitarian aid ship in International Waters.
Description <p>Activists from <a href="">Free</a> and the <a href="">International Solidarity Movement</a>, determined to break the Israeli blockade on Gaza, gathered in Cyprus and set sail for Gaza on the <a href="”/en/2009/06/433494.html”">‘Spirit of Humanity’</a> on June 29th. The following morning, over 20 miles off the coast of Gaza, the boat was <a href="”433515”">surrounded</a> by Israeli Naval vessels who threatened to fire on the boat unless it turned around. The boat continued towards Gaza, and was then boarded by Israeli soldiers, who took control of the boat, and took all 20 passengers and the captain hostage, along with aid including building materials, medical supplies and childrens art supplies. By attacking the vessel in International Waters, and by preventing it from sailing into Gaza, Israel once again showed that it has scant regard for International Law, and confirmed that it is the de facto occupier of Gaza.</p><p>The majority of the prisoners were taken first to Ashdod, and then to <a href="”/en/2009/07/433905.html”">Ramle Prison</a>, accused of trying to enter Israel illegally. In fact the boat at no point entered Israeli Territorial waters, and nor did it intend to do so. Whilst in prison, the passengers were able to give a number of interviews, but the mainstream reporting of the incident has been patchy. Several of them have commented on the <a href="”">plight of the asylum seekers</a> trapped in Israel’s immigration detention centres, some with no way apparent way out. The majority of the passengers have now been <a href="”/en/2009/07/433971.html”">deported</a>, and the charge that they attempted to enter Israel illegally has been dropped. The boat remains in the hands of the Israelis. The Free Gaza movement is already fundraising in order to be able to undertake another journey as soon as possible.</p><p>Two activists who entered Gaza on a previous successful Free Gaza voyage, have been <a href="”">stranded at the Rafah Crossing</a> since June 10th, despite having permission to exit from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On the other side of the border, <a href="”">100 US activists with $1m of medical supplies</a> are trying to get in.</p><p><strong>Links:</strong><br/>Previous Free Gaza Journeys: <a href="/en/2008/08/407411.html">Free Gaza boats arrive in Gaza</a> | <a href="/en/2008/10/411832.html">Dignity sets sail for Gaza</a> | <a href="/en/regions/oxford/2008/12/416390.html">Israel FIRES on Free Gaza Ship</a> | <a href="/en/2008/12/416166.html">International Witnesses speak from Gaza</a></p>
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