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Title PDX Queer Town Hall
<br />7pm Tuesday, July 7th, 2009
<br />The Q Center (4115 N Mississippi)
<br />
<br />ABOUT
<br />Over PDX Pride weekend 2009, multiple members of our community experienced harassment, violence &amp; queer-bashing, as well as inadequate police response. A group of us who were pretty directly involved in the incidents, came together to create space to talk about what happened, and move toward some positive &amp; empowering solutions; thus the Town Hall concept was born. We see this Queer Town Hall as a space to share our experiences &amp; resources, and to catalyze action that can help keep ourselves and our communities safer in the future. The meeting itself will begin with a short introduction, followed by breakout groups which will be spread around the room. This is an opportunity to hear about ideas that are currently in the works, to get involved, and share!
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