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Title May Day Immigrant Rights Retrospective
Description Mayday 2009 is coming up, so for Indymedia Presents episode #350 we reach into our archive for mayday-related pieces we made in years past, to build interest and participation in the Mayday actions that will happen this year. We first feature our coverage of the 2006 April 10th immigrant march in Seattle. (This piece was an official selection in the compilation Gigante Despierta.) That year immigrants marched in April as a build-up to the largest general strike in the history of the United States. Millions stayed off the job on Mayday that year in Day without a Mexican actions. The idea was that if folks dont like immigrants picking strawberries and washing dishes, then they could try those activities themselves, and see how they liked it then.

The Seattle April 10th march, and the Mayday march that followed, stretched for as far as the eye could see, as the immigrant community burst forth in political life. This is a growing portion of the US population and a group with the potential to wield more political power as time goes on. Our piece speaks of the pressures (such as NAFTA) to come to the US, and also of the history of Mayday, which was born in the fight for the 8-hour day almost a century and a half ago. Then we reprise coverage of a great Seattle Mayday in 2003, replete with interviews of Central American immigrants who speak to what Mayday means to people in their countries.
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