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Title Demonstration Against Excessive Force and Violence
Description Justice for Jason Demonstration
<br />May 8th 4:00 pm.
<br />Federal Court house in Portland Or.
<br />My unarmed 17 year old son was executed by the Vancouver Police Department on Mother's Day May 8. I am organizing a demonstration against excessive force and violence.
<br />My 17 year old son, Jason, was shot 11 times by officer Richard Torres of the Vancouver police department.
<br />From 11:21 am, to 11: 24 am. ( 3 minutes ) ; Jason was followed, pitted, and executed.
<br />When I received the call, stating my son had died; I flew flat to the floor, the phone flew out of my hand, NOOOO!!! I live with a pain that never goes away. Jason's sister was 16 years old; I can't begin to tell you the damage her brothers death has done to her life.
<br />I am angrey, I'm asking for support in this journey of healing
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