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Title March 21st: Demonstrate Against the War (Tacoma)
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Article Text

March 19, 2009 will mark the sixth year of war in Iraq. The US government has ignored public opinion and its democratic obligation to listen to the voice of its people. The US government has refused to pull its military troops and contractors out of Iraq after it was revealed that Iraq as a sovereign nation was not a threat to the US - it had no weapons of mass destruction and was not significantly connected to members of Al Qaeda or 9/11. Constant petitioning to end the war has been denied and the media refuses to to give the war adequate coverage. The only option left for people who do not support the war is to assemble in the streets - to demonstrate the presence of antiwar America with such force that it cannot be denied. Massive GI and people's resistance to the war, the only things powerful enough to bring the Vietnam war to a close, are the only tools that will bring the troops home alive and end the displacement and devastation of the Iraqi people. The war has gone on six years too long. If you oppose the war and want US troops out of Iraq and back home in the States, if you want freedom from occupation and a chance at self-determination for the Iraqi people, you owe it to them to march in solidarity on Saturday, March 21, 2009 at 12 noon in Tacoma, Washington.

Breakfast will be served by Food Not Bombs at Jefferson Park where we will begin our march down 6th Avenue to Wright Park. Adults and children will have the opportunity to learn about and perhaps join organizations and individuals working against the war and find their niche in the Tacoma antiwar movement.

<p>Food Not Bombs will serve free lunch. We march down 6th Ave and end at Wright Park. For a map go to Bring signs, bring music, bring your neighbors, bring stuff you want to share.

<p>6th Anniversary Demonstration Against the War
<p>March 21st, Tacoma
<p>Jefferson Park 12 Noon

<p> don't get lost, get a <a href="">map!</a>
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