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Title Protesters Descend on Fort Benning for the 19th Year in a Row
Description Last weekend, at least 12,000 people gathered at Ft. Benning, GA for the <a href="">19th annual protest</a> to demand the closure of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly known as the School of the Americas. Since 1946, the taxpayer-funded US Army school has <a href="">trained more than 60,000 Latin American soldiers</a> in combat techniques and psychological warfare, leading directly to murders, rapes, disappearances, and massacres that have affected hundreds of thousands of people throughout Latin America.<br /><br /> On Sunday, a massive funeral procession made its way to the gates of the army stronghold, carrying crosses to commemorate the countless lives lost. Six individuals attempted to enter the base, and were stopped by military personnel and arrested. They will face federal trial on January 26, 2009.<br /><br /> The annual November vigil, coordinated by the <a href="">School of the Americas Watch</a>, draws participation from social movements for justice across the Americas. Police estimated this year’s attendance at <a href="">8,700, but organizers put the number at close to 20,000. SOA Watch was founded by Maryknoll Father Roy Bourgeois, who is currently <a href="">being threatened with excommunication</a> due to his support of the ordination of women. <strong>Coverage:</strong> <a href="">Rochesterians were Among Thousands Demanding an End to the School of the Americas</a> | <a href="">Journey for Justice drops knowledge about the School of the Americas at Houston’s Sedition Books</a> | <a href="">Why Barack Obama should close the School of the Americas</a> by Mary Shaw | <a href="">Subjectively Speaking: Crossing Police Barricades on Stilts</a> from | | | <strong>More Info:</strong> <a href="">VIDEO: War on democracy - School of Americas</a> | <a href="">Textbook Repression: US Training Manuals Declassified</a></a>
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