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Title June 19th: Briana Water's Sentencing (Tacoma)
Description Briana is scheduled to be sentenced June 19 at 9 am at the federal courthouse at 1717 Pacific Ave. in Tacoma.
Article Text

Briana Waters trial began on Monday, February 11, 2008, at 1717 Pacific Ave, Tacoma. The trial ended on March 6 with Brianna being found guilty on two counts of arson. She is scheduled to be sentenced June 19 at 9 am.
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<br />The case was built on the word of two informants, Jen Kolar and Lacey Phillabaum. Although, Ms. Waters attorneys, Robert Bloom and Neil Fox, filed a motion that the government concealed important information and created a fraudulent FBI report. The Judge Burgess denied the motion in January.
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<br />In June a Motion to Continue and be released while waiting was filed by Briana's attorneys in which they reveal that government informant and co-defendant Jennifer Kolar patently lied and deceived the feds and the jury, and an investigation is required to determine what action needs to be taken in light of the disclosure. The defense motion is based upon documents that the government disclosed pursuant to their Brady obligation. This new information has the potential to result in a mistrial.
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