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Title MAYDAY! March for Immigrant Rights and Fight Wal*Mart!
Description Join us on May Day at 4 pm at Alba Park for a march and rally in downtown Medford, Oregon to support our immigrants.
<br />
<br />"May 1 march for immigrants rights"
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<br />4:00pm for a few brief speeches and inspiration followed by a march through Medford pausing at the Ginger Rodgers square to pay honor to the more that 4500 people who have died since the construction of the Wall of Shame between Mexico and the US. We still need people to hold crosses at the square. Please let me know if you are available. There will be folks doing voter registration at the event as well. Thank you for your support of immigrants.
<br />
<br />And at 7 pm also on May Day! (is this orwellian or what?) we see the Wall*Mart fight come back to the City of Medford from Oregon's LUBA. Join us for a strong delegation that demands a traffic study and whatever it takes to keep this mega anti-worker employer the hell out of Southern Oregon. WALL*MART will NOT gain more roots here! ! ! !
<br />
<br />"May Day! May Day! Wal-Mart is back!"
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<br />Wal-Mart is back! Public hearing this Thursday May 1st at Medford City Council 7 pm
<br />
<br />LUBA ruled in our favor and told the City to do it right this time!
<br />The consideration of the LUBA remand is up for public hearing
<br />7 pm, Thursday May 1st at Medford City Council Chambers,
<br />3rd Floor, Medford City Hall, 411 West Eighth
<br />
<br />What are you doing on May Day? Think of a way, even if you can't skip out from work to help us do the suggestions above, find your own way to do something positive! May Day! May Day! May Day! is a universal warning. Stand Up and join us now!
<br />
<br />In solidarity,
<br />Wes Brain, Chair
<br />Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice
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