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Title Olympia's V-Day Ruckus
Description 100 people raise a ruckus after V-Day Dead Prez show in response to questionable arrest of African American man and violent police retaliation. 3 cop cars sustain significant damage, a fourth is rolled over and looted. Estimated $30-50,000 in damage.
Article Text

About 100 people raised a ruckus after Evergreen State College (TESC) police officers arrested a Dead Prez concert goer on alleged assault charges. The event took place around 1 AM (2/15), shortly after Dead Prez finished their set. TESC police officers were called to the show after a fight broke out among 3-5 people in the crowd. The sole arrest was of a black man, although most of the "fighters" were white.
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<br />As police escorted the man to their cruiser they were confronted by a small crowd of people who had witnessed the fight, including one woman who had been hit. They all told the cops that the man they were arresting was not involved in the altercation and they needed to let him go.
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<br />The cops responded that the community members could file their statements/objections at a later date. In response a handful of people stood in front of the police vehicle and demanded that the man be freed. As more and more people left the venue, they added their numbers to the crowd that now surrounded the police vehicle. Chants of "Fuck the police!" and "Let him go!" accompanied a steady percussion of fists on the hood and roof of the car for about 20-30 minutes. During this time TESC cops called in Olympia, Thurston County and WA State police for backup. When the cops had sufficient numbers, they proceeded to charge the crowd preceded by a cloud of pepper spray and flying clubs. Throughout the incident police never made an audible public announcement via megaphone ordering the crowd eto disperse.
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<br />After thoroughly enraging the already on-edge crowd, the cops found themselves looking for a fast exit. Unfortunately they had all parked in such a way as to be in one line facing the same direction and essentially blocking themselves in. The slowed retreat of cop cars offered easy targets for rocks, garbage cans, bottles, and boots. Much to the delight of many ruckus raisers one Thurston County car was left behind in the fray. In short order the car was on its roof and became the target of any remaining anger.
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<br />After the majority of people dispersed, the State Police SWAT team moved in to "secure" the area.
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