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Title Wanna Ride Your Bike and Deliver Valentines?
Description Siren Nation is a local non-profit that produces a music and arts festival in November ( for details). We have put on a fundraiser, taking orders for Valentines (card + vegan chocolate) to be delivered around town by bike.
<br />
<br />We got so many orders! Yay, awesome for our fundraising, but we need help!! We got so many Valentine Bike-o-Gram orders that we need help delivering them! This week is your chance to costume up and ride your bike, delivering love notes!
<br />
<br />Can you help us? Email <img src="/img/maillink.gif" border="0"/>&#160;<a href=""></a> and let me know the days and times you're available this week (mon-thurs), Thank you!!
<br />
<br /><img src="/img/extlink.gif" border="0"/>&#160;<a href=""></a>
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