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Title Education and Life Celebrated in Streets of Annapolis: Despite 26 Arrests, Algebra Project Action a (State) Smashing Success
Description Annapolis, MD. Bystanders looked on with tight smiles as the crowd of over 400 surged passed them chanting “We don't want your pity, we want money for our city!”

Public School students from around the state, but primarily from Baltimore City gathered in Annapolis today to demand that the Thorton education funding remain intact and continue to come into the schools. The Thorton Education Bill is an attempt to level the playing field for Maryland's youth. It helps to compensate for discrepancies between how much a county can bring in in taxes and how much they need where education is concerned. Not surprisingly, Baltimore City needs this more than any county—though we get a relatively small percentage of the whole.

Our fearless governor, Martin O'Malley, after promising during elections to make this money available to schools, is now trying to repeal the bill.

The Algebra Project jumped on this, realizing that our schools are already struggling for basic necessities like windows and drinking water, and can't afford any more cuts. They did the only logical thing: they organized a series of direct actions; Today's being the most recent. It was also, arguably, the most powerful.
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