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Title February 16th: Pitchpipe Anarchist Infoshop Grand Re-Opening Party (Tacoma)
Description Come visit the infoshop in its new location and make some friends. The party is also a benefit for Briana Waters, a green scare defendent facing trial in Tacoma during February and March.
<br />
<br />Pitchpipe Infoshop Grand Re-Opening Party
<br />Saturday February 16th @ 6pm
<br />621 Martin Luther King Jr Way (near 6th Ave and MLK Way), Tacoma WA 98405
<br />
<br />Pitchpipe will be taking donations for Briana, so whatever you can throw down to help her is greatly appreciated. As always, no one will be frowned upon for not having money.
<br />
Article Text

Pitchpipe Anarchist Infoshop, a radical lending library and community space in Tacoma's Hilltop neighborhood, has recently moved,.
<br />
<br />If you've never been to an infoshop, and are curious about anarchism, come check it out. If you want to take part in your community, come on by.
<br />
<br />We hope to see you at the party! More details about the party to come soon at <img src="/img/extlink.gif" border="0"/>&#160;<a href=""></a>. If you have any questions, send them to <img src="/img/maillink.gif" border="0"/>&#160;<a href=""></a>.
<br />
<br />For more info about Briana, visit: <img src="/img/extlink.gif" border="0"/>&#160;<a href=""></a>.
<br />
<br />For more info about Pitchpipe Infoshop, visit:
<br />
<br />Pitchpipe Infoshop
<br />621 MLK Jr Way (near 6th & MLK), Tacoma WA
<br /><img src="/img/extlink.gif" border="0"/>&#160;<a href=""></a>
<br /><img src="/img/maillink.gif" border="0"/>&#160;<a href=""></a>
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