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Title Testimony as Resistance in Guatemala
Description <p><a href=""></a>Juan Herrera wields an infectiously heartwarming smile, but he wasn't quite born with it. The 66-year-old Guatemalan peasant's prosthetic teeth, which replace those lost in an army-led torture session in the early 1980s, are but one weapon in a growing movement against military leaders that ordered the massacre and burning of his and hundreds of other villages. Herrera also uses his personal testimony of survival. Herrera belongs to a coalition of Maya massacre survivors and activists called the Association for Justice and Reconciliation (AJR). In addition to spearheading anti-impunity street protests, conducting human rights trainings and educating the world about the extreme violence perpetrated by the state against indigenous Guatemalans in the 1980s and 90s, the AJR has also initiated legal proceedings against the architects of that genocide. [<a href="">Read more]</a> </p > <p>[Past coverage on Austin IMC: <a href="">Rios Montt: In Jail or Congress?</a> | <a href="">Anti-Genocide Activists Threatened, Kidnapped</a> | <a href="">Genocide Survivors Clamor for Ríos Montt´s Capture</a> | <a href="">Indiginous Survivors in Guatemala File Case Against Rios Montt</a>]</p >
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