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Title September 12, 2007 Update from Rod Coronado Trial
Description The hearing opened today with the Court redacting admission of parts of the videotape of a speech given by Rod Coronado at American University in January of 2003, on the grounds that they were not relevant to the case.
<br />Cross-examination of San Diego City Undercover Police Officer Tony Lehr then continued. Defense attorney Tony Serra, having established the day before that the Officer's report of the San Diego speech was &quot;incomplete and fragmented&quot;, was able to get officer Lehr to admit that the quote he attributed to a woman in the audience, one that is a cornerstone of the case, was actually paraphrased. Despite that admission, the officer repeatedly insisted that he heard the woman ask Rod &quot;how to build a bomb for an action?&quot;
<br />The real bomb dropped was Tony Serra's introduction of contradictory evidence to Officer Lehr's sworn testimony.
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