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Title Nuclear explosion on Czech TV
Description An artistic group interfered with the Czech TV broadcast with fictious nuclear explosion
Article Text June 17, Czech artistic group ZTOHOVEN (a pun meaning „out of it“ when read or hundred shits spoken) interfered on Czech TV broadcast.

Members of ZTOHOVEN connected up to one of the stationary camera during TV weathercast and in real time broadcast their own shots, which showed nuclear exposion. Then the picture changed. Instead of the name of the locality (Black Mine) the website reference (now is overloaded) came up on the screen.

Videos: news Czech TV – , entire broadcast –

The website welcomes visitors with announcement „This is media reality“. Website contains photos of three veiled persons moving around a building propbably provided with the infiltrated camera of Czech TV. A guestbook is available as well.

The Czech TV spokesman Martin Krafl protested against the interference: „The fake broadcast was really very inadvisable and could have provoced panic within large group of poeple." Czech police investigates the event.

An artistic group ZTOHOVEN has alredy undertaken two happenings, that attracted attention of mainstream media. In January 2003 they attampted to veil half of a neon heart installed at Prague castl by artist Jiri David on the occasion of the Vaclav Havel´s end of presidency. Pics: 1, 2, 3
November same year they covered 800 citylights in Prague with their own posters in the protest against advertisement. Pics: 1, 2

The idea of faked broadcast comes in fact already from 2003. The idea was perhaps revetalised by the actual situation where Czech republic is trying to solve the problem of the building of the american radar on its territory.

The hackered program Panorama is forty minutes long TV broadcast that shows actual weather in different czech locations by panoramatic cameras.
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