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Title Protestors Block Private Immigration Detention Facility in Houston
Description <i>From Houston Indymedia:</i><br/>This morning at dawn, immigrant rights activists locked themselves to the entrance gates of the Houston Processing Center, a private immigration detention facility in North Houston. See Photos: [ <a href="">1</a> | <a href="">2</a> ] <a href="">Audio</a><br/><br/>A statement from the activists:<br/>This week the leaders of the richest and most powerful 8 countries in the world are meeting in Germany for the Group of 8 (G8) conference. During the G8 gathering these leaders will continue to strategize and promote the economic and political policy of neoliberal "globalization". These 8 nations, which compose 65% of the global economy have pushed for an economic system which impacts the whole world, making the rich richer, and impoverishing millions...<b><a href="">--Read More--</a></b><br/><br/><b>More Info on Ongoing G8 Resistance:</b> <a href="">Germany IMC</a> | <a href="">Global IMC</a> | <a href="">UK IMC</a>
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