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Title Take Action To Stop Gold's Gym on Division
Description Gold's, the world's largest chain of gyms, is owned by TRT Holdings, which engages in oil and gas drilling. A Gold's Gym on Division would be contrary to the character of the neighborhood and would threaten the survival of locally-owned Loprinzi's Gym. Send an email to voice your concern! <p>Synergy Health & Fitness Center NW seeks approval from the city to open a franchise of Gold's Gym at the former Wild Oats location at 3016 SE Division. The city has approved the project, but that approval is being appealed by the owner of Loprinzi's Gym (2414 SE 41st Ave.), a locally-owned business threatened by the prospect of a corporate gym only ten blocks away.</p><p>At community meetings, Synergy has presented itself as a local business interested in sustainability. Synergy has expressed its willingness to make the Division Gold's Gym "fit" the neighborhood. However, Gold's cannot fit the Richmond neighborhood for the following reasons:</p><p>1. Gold's is the largest chain of gyms in the world ( <a href="">Link To Corporate Site</a> )<br> 2. Gold's is owned by TRT Holdings, which engages in oil and gas drilling ( <a href="">Link to TRT Holdings</a> )<br> 3. TRT Holdings is owned by Robert Rowling, a Bush Pioneer ( <a href="">Link to Robert Rowling info</a> )</p>
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