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Title Smoke and Mirrors:
Description Smoke and Mirrors: Mittal Steel's Playbook to Cover Up Their Pollution
Article Text Neighbors of Mittal Steel&lsquo;s Cleveland Works don&rsquo;t need a citizens&rsquo; audit to know that they are suffering from the effects of pollution from Mittal Steel. Metal flakes on their homes, cars, and children; headaches from rotten egg smells; zinc and manganese found on and inside their homes; and doctors telling them to move away for the sake of their health are certainly enough.<br><br>

But Mittal Steel Cleveland uses smoke and mirrors to act as though their pollution is not a problem.<br><br>

.For the last century, the giant Cleveland steel mill has been the worst polluter in town. Mittal Steel continues that tradition as the biggest polluter to both the air and the water in Cuyahoga County. The facility itself is known to most Clevelanders as the former LTV Steel, a company that left many workers and retirees without pensions, health care, and jobs after filing for bankruptcy in 2000.<br><br>
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