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Title Where Is Everybody? Antiwar Organizers Talks About How To Escalate A Movement
Description The current issue of the Indypendent is out! It's full of interviews covering this past week's antiwar rally with analysis of the state of things as the war is escalated. Local reporting on Chavez’s oil for heat program in low income neighborhoods and sleazy landlords in the Bronx. A look at RNC arrest data and the Sean Bell investigation. There are international stories from the WSF in Africa to Thailand fisherman. And in our culture section are reviews by Irina Ivanova and Hueso Taveras covering the lastest books and films. Along with columns by Nicholas Powers and Steven Wishnia. <br/><a href="">The PDF</a>|| <a href=""></a>|| <a href="">Community Calendar</a>|| <a href="">Hugo Heats Up the City</a> || <a href="">RNC Data Freed</a> || <a href="">Cops Face the Grand Jury</a> || <a href="">Take it to the Bank</a> || <a href="">HPV and You</a> || <a href="">Same Clinton, Different Gender</a> || <a href="">Involuntary Conscription Not So Bitchin'</a> || <a href="">Escalating the Antiwar Movement</a> || <a href="">Iraq Anti-War Timeline</a> || <a href="">Confusion on the Left</a> || <a href="">Upcoming Antiwar Events</a> || <a href="">Finding a Visionary Narrative</a> || <a href="">World Social Forum Goes to Africa</a> || <a href="">Development or Disaster?</a> || <a href="">Back In the GDR</a> || <a href="">A City View of the World's Children</a> || <a href="">Bosnian War Drawn Out</a> || <a href="">Bi is Beautiful</a> || <a href="">Married to the Left</a> || <a href="">Last Song for Alice Coltrane</a> ||
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