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Title Maori Flags over Aotearoa this Waitangi Day
Description Spokesperson for Te Tino Toa, Teanau Tuiono said 'its nothing new for indigenous peoples to be ignored and our aspiration stifled by the Government and their agencies -that has never stopped us'. <br />
<br />
'This Waitangi Day we are calling for all people to fly the Tino Rangatiratanga flag wherever they are to show their support for indigenous rights here in Aotearoa' <br />
<br />
'Indigenous brothers and sisters from the Aboriginals to the Navajos have said they will fly the Tino Rangatiratanga flag in solidarity' <br />
<br />
'The flag symbolises the struggle for Maori self-determination and embodies the hopes we have for future generations as a thriving indigenous nation' <br />
<br />
'The flag is an embodiment of what we as indigenous peoples wear on the inside, our history and our future.' <br />
<br />
<b>Links:</b> <a href="">Maori Independence Site</a> | <a href="">Aocafe</a> | <a href="">What is Tino Rangatiratanga?</a> | <a href="">Maori News</a>
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