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Title Audio: Lt. Ehren Watada Speaking In Seattle, January 27, 2007
Description <p>Today, just 9 days before facing a military court martial for refusing deployment to Iraq, Lt Ehren Watada spoke to an overflowing house at the Langston Hughes center in Seattle Washington. He is the first commissioned officer to refuse deployment, and has garnered enormous respect and support from the people of this country.</p><p>His keynote speech came at the end of a Seattle rally and march attracting at least 1000 people, protesting the war and Occupation of Iraq, as well as his upcoming court martial, scheduled for February 5, 2007 at Fort Lewis Washington. On that day there will be a gathering in support of his act of conscience, at the overpass to Interstate 5, exit 119, beginning sometime around noon.</p><p class="readmore"><a href="" class="rm">read more >></a></p><p><b>related:</b> [ <a href="">attend the court-martial of lt. ehren watada</a> | <a href="">The Tipping Point And Lt Watada</a> ]</p>
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