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Title Smash the WEF
Description <p><img src="" align="right" class="imageright"> For years the representatives of capital, their strategists, politicians and propaganda makers meet in the village of Davos, turned into an alpine fortress for the World Economic Forum (WEF). What have these meetings of the past few years achieved? Neither the alpine air or the pretence of charity can have a positive effect on the reduction of daily living standards. In that area, there is absolutely no improvement in sight: war and the dismantling of social structures are proving themselves to be the core of the long-term agenda of the ruling elite.</p><p class="readmore"><a href="" class="rm">read more >></a></p><h2 class="feathead">Smash G8 in Germany 2007</h2><p><img src="" align="right" class="imageright"> From 4th to 7th of June 2007 the G8-Summit in Heiligendamm, in the proximity of Rostock, in Germany takes place. Also the mobilization of the Leftwing against the G8-Summit already runs on full speed. Different alliances are founded,several nationwide meetings did take place, also with international participation and an approximate plan of action for the protests is already fixed. Already now there are numerous actions, which mobilize to the events of protest against the G8-summit. Because of the 100.000 expected demonstrators at the Main Manifestation in the Rostock City at 2nd of June 2007 the policeforces are preparing since some time their operation and security plan for the whole region and for Rostock. Here comes an overview over the conditions of the mobilization.</p><p class="readmore"><a href="" class="rm">read more >></a></p>
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