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Title Furious Female Furrier Protests Protesters
Description Last weekends Schumacher demonstration really made use of one of our usual chants.
<br />1, 2, 3, 4, this is a fur war. We have a big new sign, and Linda came out and stood in front of it with their 50% off sale banner. This led to a debate, and after a while she went back inside. Later, she came back out along with another employee and went across the street with the security guards. This time they had two signs. The funny thing is that we couldn't read them from across the street. They could take sign making lessons from us.
<br />
<br />Our two sides spent about 45 minutes debating back and fourth across the street. During most of this time, our side chanted our usual chants while Linda screamed at Matt. Most of her rants were false accusations and trying to find any weakness in our information.
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