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Title SOA Protests
Description Cleveland Supports Annual Protest Against 'School of the Americas'
Article Text <p>Every year, the US military continues its 'School of the Americas', now renamed with some more euphemistic title. The school has historically been full of military officers from Latin America representing the upper classes of those countries who have returned home to engage in coup ' etats, torture, 'disappearances' and other reprehensible behavior against the workers, peasants, and other oppressed sectors of the population.

<p>Every year, and growing ever larger, there are protests at Fort Benning, Georgia, by USians against this school conducted by 'their' government. They are tired of US intervention going back to the 'Monroe Doctrine'. It is not just rhetoric it is called "US Imperialism". Busses are leaving from Cleveland/Akron and a support demonstration is being held in Cleveland.

<p><a href="">School of the Americas Watch National Website</a> |<a href=""> Cleveland Protest</a> | <a href=""> SOAW article posted on Cleveland Indymedia </a>

<p>(file image from SOA watch is not a Cleveland photo)


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