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Title Immokalee Workers Return to Chicago for McDonald's Workers' Rights
Description <a href="">The Coalition of Immokalee Workers</a> — a worker-rights organization for migrant laborers in Immokalee, Florida — is escalating its campaign to pressure McDonald's to raise the wages and organizing rights of laborers who pick tomatoes for the fast-food chain. <br />
<br />
The Coalition came <a href="">to Chicago in March 2006</a> as part of a 17-city tour, and the Coalition returns with an autumn <a href="">Midwest Tour</a>, which includes roving pickets across Chicago-area McDonald's and a protest at the <a href="">McDonald's world headquarters in Oak Brook</a>. <b><a href="">Read more</a></b> <br />
<br />
<b>Additional Resources</b>: <a href="">The Progressive: McDonald's is evil</a> | <a href="">Alliance for Fair Food</a> | <a href="">Student Farmworker Alliance</a>
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