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Title Republican brown shirt
Description I attended an IMPEACH rally today with my sign: "Real MEN will vote Democratic to IMPEACH the deserter and the draft dodger" -[ One of these days I should add "a.k.a. the druggie and the drunk".] A 20 something young man jumped out of his car to push me and grab my sign out of my arms; the thugs just can't seem to help proving that they are in fact fascist thugs. The wing nuts always head straight for me - this is the second time some fascist moral leper without the courage to assault the young male demonstrators around me - head straight for me, the white haired old woman. He pushed me again when I tried to grab my signs back, but I was able to yank my signs from under his arm when he turned his back on me. I was so incensed at his bullying that I balled up my fist at him.
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