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Title Hands off! - struggle for a Belgrade park
Description <p>The week in Belgrade was very different from our stay in the small community of Plav. There it was, a big city once again. We were looked after by people from the <a href="">Stanipani Kolektiv</a>, who had got people interested in the workshops and helped generating ideas on a possible theme and action.</p><p>The day the Caravan arrived a memorial vigil took place in the centre of the city to commemorate the victims of the Srebrenica genocide in 1995. People held banners and placards saying 'never again' and 'remember Srebrenica'. Last year the same vigil was attacked by nationalist groups, some of who trew teargas in the crowd. The police guarded the protest heavily this time. The article '<a href="/en/2006/07/345449.html">Belgrade remembers Srebrenica - 11 years on...</a>' contains various links and photos of the event.</p><p>The final outcome of the week was an evening of silk and film screening at Peti Park, a small park in Belgrade, where a corporation called Crnotravac wants to build a five storage high commercial centre. In June 2005, the company cut down all the trees in the park. The neighbourhood has started an impressive struggle to safe the park. Coen from the Art and Activism Caravan <a href="/en/2006/07/345556.html">spoke with local campaigners...</a></p><p><b>Photos:</b> <a href="/en/2006/07/345556.html">Interview with Belgrade park campaigners</a> | <a href="/en/2006/07/345449.html">Belgrade remembers Srebrenica - 11 years on...</a> | <a href="/en/2006/07/345718.html">On the road again - Plav to Belgrade</a></p><p><b>Links:</b> <a href="/en/actions/2006/aa/">AA Caravan Indymedia</a> | <a href="">Stanipanikolektiv website</a> | <a href="">Peti Parkic campaign website</a> | Wikipedia on <a href="">Belgrade</a> | Wikipedia on <a href="">Serbia</a></p>
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