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Title ELF Alive and Fighting in Ontario - Recent String of Actions Causes Millions in Damage
Description Anti-'Development' actions are on the rise in Ontario, with four separate actions in three different cities in the past week. These actions, along with the revolutionary land reclamation in <a href="">Six Nations</a>, and <a href="">the standoff in Grassy Narrows</a>, among many other things, shows that resistance is alive and strong in the belly of the beast. <ul><li>In Guelph, Ontario, on the weekend of the 25th of June, people acting under the name The Anarchist Fire Brigade claimed responsibility for sabotaging three pieces of construction machinery at a new suburban sprawl site.</li><li>On Tuesday June 27th, also in Guelph, saboteurs burned down one of the first new homes in a new suburb in another part of the city. The ELF claimed responsibility for the blaze, which caused $200,000 damage.</li><li>On Friday July 14, in Toronto, saboteurs acting under the ELF banner damaged a dozen construction vehicles working on a series of new condominiums. Damage was estimated by the site supervisor at $2 Million.</li><li>On Monday July 17 in Brantford, another city in Southwestern Ontario, saboteurs hit two different sites of suburban sprawl, damaging construction equipment.</li><li>In Guelph again, on July 18, another nearly-finished home in another new suburb was set ablaze, causing $80,000 damage.</li><li>Following that on Wednesday July 19, three more construction sites in Brantford were hit, in actions claimed by the ELF. The extent of the damage is unknown.</li></ul><div align="right"><b><a href="">read more + follow the progress...</a></b></div>
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