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Title Paul Gallegos wins Humboldt County DA Race
Description The District Attorney who won fame and beat an <a href="/archives/archive_by_id.php?id=1842&category_id=14">attempted recall</a> for filing a lawsuit against timber giant Pacific Lumber in 2003 won re-election June 6, 2006. After a bitter race between Gallegos and his police-supported challenger, Worth Dikeman, Gallegos walked home with nearly 53% of the vote.
The relationship between the DA's office and law enforcement was a central issue during the campaign. Gallegos, who did not seek endorsement by law enforcement, cited rules by the American Bar Association that state "prosecutors should take care to avoid any relationships with the police that might cast doubt on the independence and integrity of the office of the prosecutor."
Dikeman's close relationship with law enforcement failed to capture voter support. Dikeman's campaign manager, Dave Parris, is an investigator for the Eureka Police Department.
<B><a href="/news/2006/06/1827407.php">READ MORE</a>.</B>
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