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Title Parade the Circle
Description Parade the Circle Surprise
Article Text <p><i>
by MJ, from our open-publishing newswire...</i>

Saturday I and others in the peace and justice community participated with Peace Action in this piece for the yearly art festival in Cleveland called " Parade the Circle". It is hosted by the Cleveland Museum of Art and draws thousands of people each year.
Our piece was titled " War Mothers" Huge mothers with puppet heads draped in black walked behind a war tank with dead children and soldiers in their arms. On their faces were painted tears. Corporate war profiteers marched behind the mothers followed by a solemn drum brigade. It took us weeks to make the mother and children figures. Along the route we did a street theatre part where the mother's offer the dead to the corporate ones and they turned their backs on us as the mother's wept, they did back slapping and goose stepping . .
People all along the march were cheering, crying and yelling at the we marched pass the throngs there.The anti war sentiment was palatable among the people....the tides are turning..
Many different people came up to us afterwards and told us we were the heart of the parade and that we had a lot of courage to do this. This parade is advertised as "nothing political, just art" and it consisted of hundreds of highly diverse creative pieces .
Others thanked us for what we are doing. One man even kissed my hand while others were openly weeping.

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