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Title Greenbriar Collective weekly film series continues
Description announcement 8PM on Sunday, 4/23 at 727 N. Findlay
(at the corner of Oliver St.) in Norman 8PM on Sunday, 4/23 at 727 N. Findlay (at the corner of Oliver St.) in Norman This Sunday's film is JESUS OF MONTREAL (a belated screening for Easter) Directed by Denys Arcand R - language, nudity, adult situations (French with English subtitles) If you're not scared off by any mention of religion, this is a pretty good and kind of radical film. I've heard that conservative Christians protested outside some theaters when it was first released. Here's an excerpt of one film review: "It is obvious from the story that [Director Denys] Arcand has little respect for the institutional church's reverence for the status quo, he is even more critical of the false gods of secularism. The film presents a caustic portrait of the emptiness of conspicuous consumption, celebrityhood, advertising, sexism, the media, and the quest for the grail of power, success, and fame." "Jesus of Montreal is an inventive, witty, and illuminating religious work of art. It is a telling critique of institutionalized Christianity and a savage assault on the hallowed idols of modern western society." You can read the complete review / synopsis at  
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