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Title Wave of Immigrant Rights Mobilizations Builds Momentum Across the USA
Subtitle <a href="">USA</a>
Description <div align="justify"> <a href="">
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Quick on the heels of the massive <a href="">March 25th mobilizations</a> and the <a href="">student walkouts</a> during the following week, <a href="">April 10th</a> was a historic day of action for immigrant rights across the USA. Tens of thousands of people took the streets in Los Angeles [ <a href="">1</a> | <a href=""> 2</a> ] and in <a href="">Santa Ana</a>, while 5,000 marched in <a href="">St. Louis</a> and 10,000 raised their voices in the largest march in <a href="">Fresno</a>'s history. <a href="">San Diego</a> also made history with a march of up to 100,000 people on April 9th, as did <a href="">Dallas</a> with over 500,000 people marching in the largest demo in the city's history. There were also marches in <a href="">Houston</a> and over 50,000 people rallied in cities throughout <a href="">Arizona</a>, with an estimated 100,000 in <a href="">Atlanta</a>. There were mobilizations in the <a href="">Bay Area</a>, in <a href="">Tennessee</a>, in <a href="">Rochester</a>, NY, and in <a href="">DC</a>. In <a href="">Portland</a>, up to 8,000 marched, while thousands gathered in Love Park in <a href="">Philly</a>. Allies mobilized in <a href="">Pittsburgh</a>. There were major marches and actions in <a href="">NYC</a> and <a href="">Boston</a>, and Houston Indymedia provided a <a href="">blow by blow</a> of actions in Texas. In <a href="">Puerto Rico</a>, hundreds took the streets of Barrio Obrero. (These amazing stories are just a small sample of coverage of April 10th actions across the country; for more go to your local IMC.) Congress has been forced to backpeddle on brutal anti-immigrant legislation, but they are nowhere near to meeting the demands of the movement, especially amnesty for all. So the movement for immigrant justice keeps rising, with more major actions planned in the coming weeks: <a href="">April 15th</a> is a student day of action, and <a href="">May 1st</a> will be a historic day of action, with calls for a general strike, boycott, no sales or purchases, walkouts, marches, and actions in financial centers and at anti-immigrant corporations throughout the country.
<b>A10 Photos:</b> <a href="">1</a> | <a href="">2</a> | <a href="">3</a> | <a href="">4</a> | <a href="">5</a> | <a href="">6</a> | <a href="">7</a> | <a href="">8</a> <b>Videos:</b> <a href="">1</a> | <a href="">2</a> | <a href="">3</a> | <a href="">4</a>
<b>Radio:</b> <a href="">WBAI</a>
<b>Background:</b> <a href="">March 25th</a> | <a href="">April 10</a> | <a href="">US Indymedia</a> | <a href="">New American Opportunity Campaign</A> | <a href="">Immigrant Solidarity Network's No HR 4437 site</A> | <A href="">National Council of La Raza</A> | <A href="">El Tecolote</A> | <A href="">AFSC</A> | <A href="">Bay Area Immigrant RIghts Coalition</A> | <a href="">The film "A Day Without a Mexican"</A> | <a href="">San Joaquin Valley Peace and Freedom Party</A> | <a href="">La película "Un día sin mexicanos"</A>
<b>Upcoming Actions:</b> <a href="">April 15th</a> | <a href="">Legal info for students who walk out</a> | <b>May 1st:</b> <a href="">Call to Action</a> | <a href="">IWW joins call for General Strike</a> | <a href="">Chicago Immigrant Workers to march on May Day</a> | <b>Download May 1 Poster:</b> <a href="">.jpg (124kb)</a> | <a href="">.pdf (552kb)</a> | More <a href="">May 1st graphics</a> from SCAFLA.

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